Sustainable playground

Online gaming is perhaps the greatest ‘competitor’ for outdoor playing. Children, and adults too, stay inside, do not exercise and get more and more overweight. Outdoor playgrounds are often developed for a specific user group, functioning as a barrier for other age groups to play.

Reggs’ Industrial Designers are developing a Sustainable Playground that offers different kinds of play motivations attracting various cultural, social and age groups to play. This should contribute to more fun, more vitality and more social cohesion.

In cooparation with Rotterdam University and The Hague University the designers of Reggs researched on different play motivations and grouped them on three levels; invitation to play, challenge to play and reason to play. Interactive gaming concepts and technology are the enablers to develop a playground that offers those different motivations. In this way an outdoor playground can compete with indoor gaming. Creating energy for the technology by play is a ‘reason to play’.

We are making an energy-producing, sustainable playground that also has the benefit of increasing awareness about sustainability among the public.

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  27. Reggs among the first C2C accredited designers in the World

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