About us
Full experience branding through 2D and 3D design
clearly Heineken, but not at all intrusive.
A new connection between bartender and visitors
a range of functional and affordable bar items.
Tactile brand experience
through the use of material and translucent brand elements
Green Bar Range
A market leader for many years
effectiveness through design
One brand, one voice
creating clarity throughout the assortment without beign rigid
The new pack design
fresh on the shelf and fresh at home
A new vision on transport
integrating design and technology. Design: SMOOL Technical concept, engineering/ prototyping: Reggs
A meaningful and environmentally friendly solution
Qwic as a response to changes in how people live, work and move
A smooth design with integrated electronics and battery pack
no seams & screws and the frame as the spine of the scooter
Electric Scooter
Potatoes in a new product category
innovative design stretching the CêlaVíta brand
More than qualitative products
easy shelf navigation and pack inspiration help you out
Close up and tasteful
the natural look & feel of the pack adds to the CêlaVíta brand experience
Smart consumer innovation
technology creating an interactive beer bottle.
Ignite lights up
drawing people into a club experience.
High-end functionality
both commercially and technically feasible.
A breakthrough in the field of anesthesia
both for patiensts as well as medical specialists
An integrated approach
both designed and engineering by Reggs
High end ‘dream machine’
full control of respiration and anesthesia: 100% patient safety
Kruidvat Private Label stepping up:
elegant design that fits both brand and category
A product range lining up beautifully
on shelve and at home
A good alternative for leading A-brands
science and beauty carefully combined in one design.
New product development
first salads, now also sauces; a user-friendly pouch, clearly branded and looking good in any setting.
A Dutch brand with local heritage
new products seamlessly fitting under the brand umbrella
Innovative and tasty
exotic flavours and a Dutch brand go hand in hand through tasty and honest design
Reggs is the founder of the ProPortion foundation (2009). Because we care

We believe that design is an important business tool that can come up with social answers too. This brings along a responsibility that we think is important to our clients and ourselves. We are also the first design agency in the world that was cradle to cradle accredited.
ProPortion is about trade, not aid
We believe social business is an effective means to distribute wealth and wellbeing more equally. And we support this through the creation of appealing products and services for people with low-income at the Base of Pyramid. With roots in a design agency, design-thinking is the tool.
Social business model

ProPortion ensures a deep understanding of low-income customers and translates their needs and desires into a social business model, together with local stakeholders

Creating meaningful
design for people
and effective brands
for our clients
We are an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary design studio (a so-called creative ‘one-stop-shop’). We develop effective and innovative total solutions, which allow us to create positive changes in how people live, learn, work and play. And we are able to realize this through the know-how of over 25 professionals who specialize in brand, product and user interface design or engineering.
Creating growth for people and businesses.
To us, growth is not about an endless appetite for bigger and more. Growth starts with curiosity and ends with better, smarter and more meaningful solutions in the lives of people. We always work in service of both end-users and our clients – with head and heart.

In a time that screams for new solutions and insights, this working method is more relevant than ever. Design should come up with answers and set things in motion, which is only possible if you find something or someone else more important than yourself. We call it servant creative leadership.
Successful consumer innovations are a smart combination of:
  • meaningful & relevant functionality
  • honest & trustworthy branding
  • seductive & clear design
  • feasible production.
We service a wide range of clients, varying from national & international brand owners and technology suppliers in the field of consumer products, food & beverage, medical equipment, aerospace, mobility, games and agriculture.
We are always looking for talented people to join
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About us
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